Covid-19 and Force Majeure: Part II

In the previous post, I had discussed the force majeure clause in Standard Retail Pvt. Ltd. v. G.S. Global Corp & Ors. and argued that Section 56 is non-derogable to the extent that it leads to frustration of contract on the ground of a supervening illegality; and a force majeure clause compelling performance despite theContinue reading “Covid-19 and Force Majeure: Part II”

Covid-19 and Force Majeure: Part I

There has been much discussion about the impact of Covid-19 on parties’ contractual obligations and the consequence of their failure to perform their obligations. Under Indian law, it is well-settled that there are two possible ways of determining the outcome in such a situation: either as per Section 32 or Section 56 of the IndianContinue reading “Covid-19 and Force Majeure: Part I”